The best daing na bangus in town

photo from Ang Lagawan. Daing na bangus pictures is from Cebu Restaurant in AUH… looks really good!

When it comes to the best fried fish, Daing na Bangus (Marinated Milk Fish) takes the cake. Although it is always best done at home (lutong bahay), there are many occassions when I crave for it whenever we eat out. Here is my list of top restaurants who serve the best Daing na Bangus in town.

5) Barrio Fiesta, Bur Juman

Frank and I had dinner there last night and I decided to order Daing na Bangus because I missed it so much. Their’s was a garlic variation of the dish served with a garlic gravy. Personally, I prefer my fish with vinegar and some atsara (sweet pickled something) so I ordered vinegar on the side. Although tasty, I thought the fish was quite dry. I told my husband about it and our conversation stirred to our top 5 favorite restaurants with Daing na Bangus.

4) Max, Spinneys, Bur Dubai

I have only eaten their version once but I remember very well that I thoroughly enjoyed it which earns their spot at number 4.

3) Sweet Pepper, Karama

Sweet pepper is known for their AED 25 all you can eat buffet of Filipino food. Though I have never tried their daing na Bangus, Frank has had it several times and never fails to boast about it. My husband comes from the province in the Philippines that hosts the annual Milk fish festival so he knows his fish very well. Having my husband boast about it earns their spot in number 3.

2) Chow King, any branch

I use to work near their Karama post office branch and a month never passed by when we didn’t have lunch there. I believe they have one of the best Daing na bangus dishes! They serve it exactly the way I love it, with vinegar and garlic and atsara.

1) Salt and Pepper, any branch

Oh wow, the epitome of Daing na Bangus’es’ is that from Salt and Pepper. Also served traditionally with atsara they add an additional flair to their vinegar with bagoong. And I have never had one served with a small belly. That part is my absolute fave.

You can have Daing na Bangus at home anytime since milk fish is in abundance here and it is so easy to prepare. All you need to do is cut the fish in butterfly mode (oh please someone help me with the terminology) and then marinade in vinegar, salt and garlic. The longer you marinade, the tastier it will be. But please do not wait until you get molds before you fry it. Anyway, just fry and then serve. You can serve it with garlic butter sauce, gravy or with my favorite vinegar.

Hmmm, Frank just bought and marinated a kilo of Milkfish this weekend… I’m gonna have happy meals with Daing na bangus in the following days… happy tummy!


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