Scrapping on a budget

I have always wanted to scrapbook. Seeing all those cute little stuff layed out on paper stirs the small creative monster sleeping inside of me. Not that it really wakes up full blast. As a matter of fact, my monster is still asleep, dreaming of cute little stuff layed out on paper.

my sleeping monster

I have been seeing a lot of scrapbook journals layed out in little pockets. I thought to myself that might be easier to start with and started to look around for those journals with small pockets. I found out that they cost more than AED 100 for an album (the folder and pockets together). Knowing that I have the ‘ningas kugon’ mentality instilled in me (a Filipino term which stands for always excited in the beginning but loses interest in the end) for most things, I wanted to find a budget friendly solution to my ‘itch’.

I passed by MUJI the other day and was immediately attracted to their stationery area. I saw these folder for business cards that cost AED 7. I thought I’d try to work with that for now until maybe when the phase ‘I am so good I could go pro’ happens, I can afford to buy all these expensive scrapbooking things.

For now, I am conceptualizing a plan to make my own paper cut-outs and all those stuff to go on my scrapbooks. Here is my list of things to do (or things to never do).
– Make business card size journal cards in white and black cardstock (3.5 x 2)

– Cut out letters on colorful cardstock with my silhouette

– Print photos in business card size- I have a photo printer so printing little quantities is not a problem.

– Cut small shapes on my silhouette/ punchers

– Think of themes

Things I need to buy (which I will probably buy at the soonest and never get to use)
– Heart shaped puncher from Daiso

– Colored cardstock

– Glitter pens/opaque pens

– Buy those cardstock pads with pretty prints from prettypaperstudiouae that are on sale!

I love planning but I always underestimate the amount of things that needs to be done. Anyway, I have no plans to make big scrapbooking layout. All I want is that I do not end up with a ‘crap’book.


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