Hyu, me, Frank and Aria

I consider myself a ‘newbie’ when it comes to anything Korean and I do not have any idea what went into mine and Frank’s head when we decided to go and eat at a Korean Restaurant the other evening. All I know about authentic Korean food are the brands Peperro and Lotte, and ofcourse bulgogi and kimchi and Korean fried chicken. My long time friend who lived a few blocks from my old house always served bulgogi for us when we had dinner with them. My husband and I treasure those nights because we always came home with stomache(s) full and smiles on our faces.

I didn’t grow up knowing about Korean food. My curiousity with the delicacy was only piqued as an adult when we took a Korean supplier (who missed home food) to a restaurant near the office. It was my first time to eat bulgogi and the taste of the freshly cooked meat lingered in my mouth and in my mind as I went home that day.

The other evening, my husband and I were both hungry and had nothing to eat so we decided to go and have dinner out. We saw this new Korean restaurant (maybe not so new) behind Aroma Garden Restaurant in Oud Metha St and said we’d love to try the place. So we brought Aria and braved the new territory that is “Hyu Korean Restaurant”.

I have learned that one way to gauge about the authenticity of a place is to check the number of locals (local to the cuisine) who go and eat there. When we entered, the crew were Korean (even the Filipino looking ones) and the clientele were Koreans. The tables were arranged close to one another, and if you decide to be separate, the waiters/waitresses bring dividers and give you an instant privacy wall.

oh mommy, you’re so lovely!

When they asked us what we wanted, all I could say was bulgogi? (with a little uncertainty) and the waitress said ‘ah’. I also pointed out a series of other stuff (like fried dumpling) and rice.


Before they served our orders, small plates with free food came which included kimchi, some pickled potatoes, pickled onions (i think), omelette and some hard boiled eggs. Hurrah for free stuff!

dolston bibimbab (according to the menu!)
our bulgogi!

Ok so like I said, I am no expert with Korean food and I think the waitress had a feeling about it that she did all the mixing and serving for us. I thought that was really sweet.

It was a pleasant experience overall. The servings were plenty and I took home a doggy bag for all the extra food.

And to finish it all off- free iced coffee!!

papa, give me some!!

Hyu Korean Restaurant
Oud Metha Road
Behind Aroma Garden Restaurant, near the metro station.
04 3344294


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