Why I need a smaller camera and socializing at social house

I have noticed that the bigger the bag that I bring, the more crap I think I need. But the more crap that I bring, the more I forget the things I really need. And then I start to think I might need a much bigger bag than the big bag that I already carry around…

I have not been bringing my camera lately. Not only do I feel like it’s too bulky but I have also started to feel too conspicuous carrying it around. I have been approached numerous times at stores that photography isnt allowed, and I hate the feeling that the moment an attendant tells me that is also the exact moment when all music and conversation stops and everyone just happens to be looking at my direction. And i just melt in my overflowing bag, say “im sorry” and tuck my bulky camera inside. What I also hate is when tucking my camera isn’t enough. The guard or the attendant wants to see the photos I have taken making sure that I have erased all of them…

Or maybe its just me… some of my blogger friends don’t seem to have the same problem.

The other day, I had lunch at Social house with an old friend. I always pass by Social house at the Dubai Mall right before exiting the building to watch the dancing fountain. They have attracted wooden floors and warm ambience. The first time I laid eyes on the place was more than 4 years ago. And the only time I got to go was now.

Yes, it is indeed one of those times when I didn’t bring my camera. I had my old Iphone 3gs and took LOTS of pics with that. But that phone decided to die a few days later without me getting backups of all the pics in it. (huhuhu)

Anyway, Social House was indeed a great find. Firstly, they had REALLY GOOD SUSHI. I mean good sushi. For a fusion restaurant that looks nothing like Japanese, they served really good sushi. Secondly, they had rootbeer float. I mean, wow, ROOTBEER FLOAT!

Rootbeer float, something crunchy sushi and unagi!
i really love wooden floors and floor to ceiling shelves.

I definitely NEED to go back and take better pics and eat more of their sushi. Maybe when I have a new camera.

Social House
Dubai Mall, near the exit to the Dubai Fountain, Doha St
p: 04 339 8640


2 thoughts on “Why I need a smaller camera and socializing at social house”

  1. You’ve been approached just by carrying your camera?!? That’s ridiculous! I get so angry when I hear about such things. I always carry my camera with my, either dangling around my neck or in my bulky camera bag, and so far, nobody has said anything about it. How dare they ask you to show them your photos?! I would file a complaint to the store/s in question..


    1. i know… i guess i was more embarrassed than angry that time it happened.
      Oh well, i am hoping the next time it happens you’d be with me, and then you can speak my mind. lol


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