Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates

The past year I have been obsessing over all things pinoy and I have always wanted to try these artisan chocolates from Theo and Philo when Ibyang from the wife’s charmed life posted a photo on her instagram account. A friend of mine sent me some last month and I had to say it gave my palette a pleasant (and weird) surprise.

chocolate collection

Firstly, I loved the design on the wrapping. I have a weakness for good graphic design on packaging and its always a big factor for me whenever I buy something. Theo & Philo has passed that standard and I just want to stare and appreciate.

Although I miss the peanut flavor of the Filipino chocolates I grew up with (Choconut specifically), Theo and Philo gives you a unique cacao experience with new flavors to try. Some may find the flavors totally out of this world, some offer something familiar with a Pinoy twist. Overall, if you are in the Philippines, this is something to try. Being a chocolate with nuts kind of person, the Chocolate with pili nut became an instant fave.

insta fave! 🙂
i seriously thought chocolate with soy sauce and pepper was weird…
coffee flavored chocolate… not just any coffee, BARAKO coffee!

5 thoughts on “Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates”

  1. a friend of mine brought some for me while visiting here in Cambodia. the adobo chocolate was like the shock of my life, but when i tried it, my world flipped. i loved it so much!!! the green mango with salt chocolate is also a revelation. damn i can;t get enough of this!


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