Aria’s first (and last?) birthday party

Who would have thought that planning (and hosting) a birthday party would be so exhausting. Apart from doing all decorations, you also have to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Actually, as soon as I was finished with the decor, I didn’t care what would happen next. All I wanted to do was eat (which I also did not get to do properly). No wonder I never host parties. I just don’t have the heart.

getting ready the night before

Anyway, thought I’d share some pics that my friend Mervin took for the party.

with my friend liza who was also pregnant the same time that i was. Her daughter Gabby will be turning one this month.
Aria’s souvenirs- a doggy sharpener

I didn’t get the time to put on makeup but let my face get painted just so aria would let her face get painted too.. didn’t work though. she wouldnt let anybody touch her face. (and her nose is running in this pic)
her pretty (and YUMMY) cake from Bakemart
Aria wasn’t too happy to be in the spotlight.

and here is one that another friend took which became an instant fave…

Inspite of all the ‘you look pregnant’ comments on this pic, I still love it

I have come to realize that I will probably never have another big birthday party for Aria and that posing in the above manner, no matter how comfortable, is sure to garner a lot of criticism (constructive and destructive).



6 thoughts on “Aria’s first (and last?) birthday party”

    1. some of the kids did. but they ended up crying after drops of sweat started stinging their eyes after playing and running around. i thought that was funny… lol


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