First things first

I keep asking myself when I will get the time to blog about the stuff I want to blog about but never get the time to answer the question myself. Yesterday we celebrated Aria’s first birthday (although her birthday was on the 26th of November) and I tried to be the super mom by organizing everything myself. Although it went well, it didn’t go perfectly as I wished it would, and 100% of the things I pinned on my pinterest board did not push through.

Now I realize how much more convenient it is to celebrate at McDs or Popeyes or at some fancy shmancy hotel and let them do all the work while I just show up and make sure that we ordered her cake… and invite people (which someone pointed out that I forgot to do). But I really wanted to show my daughter (and maybe more myself) that I was involved in one of the significant FIRSTS in her life. Now that I am working and she hasnt started walking yet, I know I will miss that and many other more firsts.

The night before I stayed up till 2 am blowing up balloons because I wanted to make balloon buntings (which was the only thing I managed to decorate our lawn with). Thankfully, two friends helped out and stayed up with me. We had a DIY photobooth which was cheap (and free!) powered by some friends. I didn’t get catering but some friends who LOOVE to cook, cooked for us and the food was delish! I wanted to hire entertainers but the friends who were suppose to do the entertaining had other (better) paying gigs so we just ended up with a face painter who did a really good job. Another friend facilitated the games. Clean up was done by friends too and as soon as the party was over, it took less than an hour to clean up. I thought the cleaning up part was the part that was going to kill me, but I am so blessed with friends who helped out with that too.

I will post pics soon. When? i have no idea. But I am beginning to develop a habit of waking up at 4 in the morning to do some me time. hmmm me time… the concept is sooo heavenly… 🙂


4 thoughts on “First things first”

  1. Happy birthday to Aria!

    You’re lucky to have friends like them who’d blow the balloons for you and clean up after the party.

    Me time at 4am??????? That’s suicidal for me but I wish you all the best on that. 🙂


    1. i know… these friends are golden. 🙂

      yeah me time at 4 am.. slowly getting the hang of it! with the kind of sched that i have, I’ll take whatever free time comes my way!


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