United as One

I have to be honest, I have been avoiding posting anything online out of empathy for what has happened to my country. So I might stay silent for a few more days. However, I have to say, I am deeply moved by the generosity that everyone has been showing. Friends and strangers who are willing to give aid are everywhere. The news are filled with people who want to be a part of giving to the Philippines. Some are old, some are as young as 2. Some are powerful and popular and some the poorest of the poor who could only give an opened (and half consumed) bag of milk.

With everything that has happened, I am more grateful for what I have and am being blessed with- a dry bed, my clean clothes, drinking water, a fridge half filled with food and my loved ones still alive with me. And my prayers are still with the people affected by the storm.

If you are in Dubai and would still like to help, Pinayflyinghigh has organized a benefit lunch/dinner at Rosso Amore Restaurant for AED 60/head. Half of the proceeds will go to World Vision and half to the food you will consume. 🙂 We want to raise AED 10k but so far the pledges have amounted to AED 2370. I hope if you are reading this and you don’t have anything to do this coming Friday, drop by and contribute. I am sure that you will go home with a bigger heart and a full stomache.

If you aren’t in Dubai and would still love to help, you can visit RedCross rodekors.dk for donations.


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