Heartbroken over Yolanda

As I scroll through facebook, I cannot help but be overcome with emotion, as my news feed gets flooded with pictures and videos of the devastation of the recent Typhoon Yolanda. I click on the links with dread, afraid of what I might see, not knowing what good it will do for me to keep clicking. Just recently, my country was also hit by a really strong earthquake. There were hundreds of casualties and thousands were left with nothing. This time, the deaths and damages left are ten-fold as estimated by some experts. My heart grows heavy as I scroll and scroll and scroll. And I can’t seem to update my facebook status with trivial matters such as hating my hair or loving the new makeup I bought or even with a happy picture of my daughter. I can’t seem to revolve my world around myself during these trying times.

Everyone is reposting requests from celebrities or from everyone asking for prayer, but I wonder how many people really did pray? How many of those people who clicked “like” or reposted even uttered a prayer?

I was worried about my parents being in the midst of the storm and was relieved to know they were still in Singapore at the time. But then I thought about many others who lost their loved ones that day and my heart aches for them. Some of my friends are still waiting for news from their families and all I could do for them was squeeze their hands and tell them I am praying for their families.

Every time something like this happens, I help by just sending an amount (and even relief goods) to our home church in Manila and they make sure that the aid is given to the ones in need, regardless of their voting status or their religion. I know because I use to take part when I was there. I am so disheartened by videos and news going around about some people being refused help because they weren’t registered voters or because their religion is different. So many countries are sending their aid. I hope the entire amount goes directly where it is needed. Not even a portion should go down some dirty politician’s pocket. I can only shake my head and feel annoyed at the thought of this, but I am not allowing it to be a hindrance to me extending some charity to the people affected.

To the few readers that I have, if you have means or ways to extend aid, please do. Small or big, help will always be help. Let us think of others today and give a little of ourselves. It will always go back to you.

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