a notable collection of travel blogs

October just disappeared like a bubble and November is here. The year is almost over in less than 10 weeks and I just feel so behind on my list of things to do. One of the things on my bucket list last year was to travel somewhere new which is what I didn’t get to do. Hopefully this coming 2014 with all our loans over and done with (thank God!) and hopefully, new jobs, we can finally afford that vacation we have put off for more than 2 years…

So lately, I have been exposed to a lot of travel blogs – some put up by old friends, some recommended by friends, and some newly found friends. Since I have had a lack of time to do anything (coz of my temp job) and funds (to go out and experience new things), I have decided to live in my dreams, look through these blogs and take Barney the purple dinosaur’s advice to “just imagine, just imagine, just imagine all things that we can be, imagine all the places we could go and see, imagination’s fun for you and me”.

1) Pinay flying high

photo courtesy of pinayflyinghigh.com

Heard about Flying High Pinay through Mitzie Mee. You gotta check out her adventures, most of which she got as perks for being a travel agent. When I look through her pages, I am inspired to make travel plans ASAP!

2) kennethsurat.com

photo taken from kennethsurat.com

Kenneth is not only a travel blogger by choice (as he puts it) but he is also the sole owner and maker of surat journals. He also started the travelling journal project which showcases the surat journal in different prominent spots around the world. Everyone is encouraged to participate! I will the next time I go somewhere new!

3) La Familia Viajera

photo courtesy of la familia viajera

The first family travel blog (that I know of) put up by my weirdest college bud Pepe (previously known as Jomar) who taught himself to speak Spanish. Before I left for Dubai permanently, he only had 1 kid. Now he has four and they go around the Philippines (Luzon for now), checking out the best places to go on a very tight budget (imagine travelling with 6)! The places they go to are not the usual tourist spots but they are certainly not to miss as Pepe endeavours to squeeze out the history and culture that each place has to offer (hopefully not boring his kids in the process- but that’s something we need to find out in their coming posts).

4) Mitzie Mee

photo courtesy of mitziemeeblog.com

Need I say more about Mitzie who travels the world and eats at all the best places? If you are planning to visit Bangkok, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo or Dubai, make sure to check out her guides on where to eat, what to avoid and where to stay. And she makes sure her guides are updated by travelling to the same places atleast once a year.

Now go and click those links and dream with me! 🙂


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