Bennigans in Downtown Burj Boulevard

My mom left for Manila for good just last Saturday. Prior to that, I had been bawling my eyes out several times just thinking about it. But I love that so many people took her out to show their love and appreciation for the person that she is and I love that I got to tag along most of the time.

We went to Bennigans a few Fridays ago in Downtown Burj Khalifa because one of our friends wanted to take her out. Now this area is a bustling boulevard of restaurants that are waiting to be tried out BY ME. Everytime we drive through this road, I tell Frank that the voices in my head are telling me stop and eat. He tells me to just ignore them. But I do plan to try them all out. So many new places to go to. And the ambience is wonderful as it boasts a view of the Burj Khalifa.

Bennigans is a family restaurant that boasts an Irish hospitality with American size servings. And when our order came we had problems thinking of how to finish it because they were so big!

My mom ordered the Apple Pecan salad which was a typical salad with pecan and apples and yummy maple vinaigrette that really set it apart/above the usual salads. I helped her finish it. I had lamb chops on a bed of arugula with raspberry jam which I also finished all by myself.

apple pecan salad
the beautiful lamb chops on arugula that tastes as good as it looks

Three of our friends ordered the all you can eat beef, which is steak cooked to your desire that they replenish right after you finish. Frank had the salmon- which had two steaks and not the usual one slab of salmon steak on a plate.

all you can eat BEEF!

Frank thinking, ‘how will i finish this?’
Chicken steak
My friend Len whose drink has more liquid than her body does
Aria is always happy with food around!
the staff even gave us a birthday cake!

The company was great and the food was really good. I would definitely come back with family and friends and next time, I will advice them to share… but not with Me.

outside the resto.

Claren Towers, Emaar Boulevard, Burj Khalifa Area, Dubai
04 4517800


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