Gourmet Coffee and Al Fresco Dining

Yeah that title is a bit misleading. I just wanted to say that it really doesn’t matter where you eat or how much you are paying for it. Anything is enjoyable with good friends. The other night after a REALLY HEAVY MEAL and dropping my mom off at Sharjah, we were craving for something hot to help the food go down. We didn’t want to spend too much so our friend Albert said we could go to this place near his place for some cheap coffee.

The weather has become really pleasant now and outdoor seating is just enjoyable. He took us to Bombay Star Juice Center on Trade Center Road between Bur Juman going towards the Creek. They serve Shawarmas and burgers and ofcourse, juice. They don’t have a lot of hot beverage choices and I wanted some tea so I ordered one of the other teas on the menu and hoped for the best.

The tea turned out really tasty considering that it had cardamom… and me no like cardamom.

my masala dum chai! worth more than the AED 4 that I paid for
hanging out under the stars!

They do have a variety of fruit juices I didn’t get to try. I promise I’ll try them the next time.


Started working and I’m missing my baby girl every minute of the day. After my first three days, I am deeply in awe of the women who work full time, and then go home and take care of their household… Without any help… By themselves… I try but I can’t do it with a smile. I am exhausted and I become grouchy. I wonder how they really do it… I don’t want my daughter to grow up thinking that I’m an angry mom…






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