Give yourself a funny name and order something from Starbucks

We used to do this for fun when Starbucks first became popular in the Philippines. We would order something and give a different name so that when they would call us, people would hear something funny, or something embarassing, or something weird. It’s like Bart Simpson’s prank calls to Moe. But a cleaner version.

But the funny thing about Starbucks baristas is they never really try to get your name right. Or maybe they do try and then they fall short. Atleast that is how it has been for the past 15? years since we started drinking at their cafes.

The other day, Frank and I had some time to ourselves and we decided to go check out the new Citywalk by Wasl Road. It is a new development with retail and restaurants and coffee shops. The first phase is already fully developed and a bunch of restaurants are already open. There is plenty of parking infront and at the back. We weren’t really hungry so we just decided to have coffee instead.

my husband showing off his new physique in his skinny jeans

The weather outside is already pleasant, so we decided to sit outdoors. We both just ordered frappuccinos and a cheesecake.

My name isn’t that unique and Frank is such a common name, I seriously have no idea how they can get it wrong.

We use to give names like ‘Ever’ or ‘Life’ so that when the baristas call out when the order is ready we’d hear them say ‘One Tall Chocolate Frappuccino for Ever!’ or ‘One Grande Caramel Macchiato for Life!’ That would always give us a good laugh.

Raspberry cheesecake
One White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino for Frankel!
One Caramel Cream Frap for Richel!

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