Macarons of Disappointment from Knightsbridge Cafe

My husband knew I loved macarons and so he decided to get me three boxes from Knightsbridge Cafe when they offered a discount in Groupon for a few boxes. He gave me the boxes along with the flowers as a surprise for my day.

It was the first time I heard about the place and the prospect of trying something new always made me feel giddy. I couldn’t wait to open them and when the opportunity came for me to try one, I was a little disappointed.

mismatched macarons

At first, when I opened the boxes, I noticed that a lot of them were mismatched. Pistachio with red velvet, or rose with red velvet, or rose with cotton candy. Although I wasn’t that finicky about my macaron, having all these mixed up seems to rob it of it’s pure taste.

Second, when I picked one up, the shells just crumbled under my touch. It was just too wet! I am not sure if somewhere it was supposed to be that way, but each and every one I picked up just fell apart. I felt like my husband, who never seems to complain to anyone but me, got the bitter end of a bad deal. His macarons seems like they were all rejects.

the shell seems to be undercooked. No crunch.

Although I did like the taste of some of them- the chocolate was just perfect (not so sweet and slightly bitter), i loved the cream cheese filling of the red velvet, the tiramisu and the coffee also had a really good taste – but they were all too soggy for me. Knightsbridge cafe gave me a soggy birthday gift.

I wished I was with Frank when he bought them so I would have given the servers a piece of my mind after I find out that they deliberately gave my husband really bad macarons. I felt like they just didn’t give him a choice and put all the bad ones in the boxes he ordered.

So I hope the people at Knightsbridge Cafe in Jumeirah 2 reads this. As much as I want to maybe prove myself wrong about this, I don’t think it will be worth my time.

Knightsbridge Cafe
Jumeira 2, opposite Jumeirah Beach Park


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