Birthday Lunch with the family at Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Romano’s is my dad’s absolute favorite restaurant. I remember that we use to go there almost every week. And he would ask the staff to sing for him. He became so popular with them that every time we would go there to dine, they already had a song prepared for him. So when we were thinking of eating out with the family for an early birthday lunch, I thought of Romano’s solely because I missed my dad.

We decided to go last Sunday since that was the only day my brother was available during the holidays because he had to work the rest of the week. I don’t have to say anything much about their food which is classic Italian (or what I perceive to be classic Italian). The ambiance is perfect for families and they play very light Italian music on the background, so you can hear one another without having the need to shout. They also use to play Italian phrases in the toilet so whenever you go to the toilet to do whatever business you have in there, you come out a little smarter.

my beautiful mom.
my sister in law enjoying the bread

They offer free bread as a starter that you dip in olive oil, Parmesan and vinaigrette. We are always happy with free bread.

My mom always orders the shrimp and artichoke dip and it’s always perfect, without fail.

shrimp and artichoke dip

chicken scallopini
Penne rustica
strawberries and raspberry something for dessert! a good alternative to the usual chocolate dessert

I love their food, pasta is cooked perfectly and the side dish to my salmon steak was perfect! but the steak itself was a little bit overdone. The first time in the 100 times we’ve eaten there. Overall it was a good meal. And I would go back over and over and over to enjoy the food and to reminisce.

my salmon steak side dish with herbs and sundried tomato orzo. the best!

Romano’s Macaroni grill
G, Level 1, Festival Centre Mall, Festival City, Dubai
04 2326002


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