A post birthday post

I had a quiet birthday just sleeping on my mom’s bed with Aria most of the afternoon. I didn’t blow any candles. I didn’t get to go out with friends. I just spent the day with my mom knowing that this is possibly the last birthday I would have to spend with her . Then we would live absolutely independent lives as soon as she leaves for Manila at the end of the month. Just thinking about it makes me feel all mushy inside. I am a bonafide momma’s girl.

The night before I went to global village with Frank and some friends and got home at almost midnight. Frank dropped off some friends while Aria and I waited for him in the kitchen. I didn’t go up since I wanted us all to go up together and I was kind of waiting for him to sing me a happy birthday as soon as he got home. But he didn’t. and so I went up with a huff by myself and was surprised to see a bouquet of flowers and three boxes of macarons from knightsbridge cafe. The man has learned to make me smile.

happy bday to me!



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