A taste of Singapore in Dubai – Ya Kun Coffee & Toast

Surprisingly, I first heard about kaya from Kenneth of surat journals. My brother who has been living in Singapore for almost 10 years now has never mentioned it. I wished he had, so that I would know what I wanted to eat in Singapore. After tasting it for the first time at Ya kun in Ibn Battuta, I now know what to ask for.

Ya Kun Coffee and Toast is a Singaporean cafe well known for its specially formulated kaya jam (egg and coconut jam). They serve a variety of coffee, tea, cold drinks and different types of toasts! Singaporean coffee (kopi) is very different from the usual coffee since it is made with robusta beans and is roasted with butter or margarine or even lard and even sometimes sugar. Then it is brewed in a long spouted metal pot with a sock for a filter. Usually served with evaporated or condensed milk.

Ya kun at Ibn Battuta China court
The story of Ya Kun’s humble beginnings
the traditional way of preparing Singaporean Coffee (kopi)
Inside the cafe

Kenneth invited me to try out a Ya kun with a bunch of other bloggers and foodies last Friday and I finally got to meet him after exchanging FB messages for the longest time. And good food is always the perfect setting to meet new friends.

He ordered the kaya toast with soft boiled eggs for everyone to try and I got the green tea frostyz to go with it. Soft boiled eggs is not something I usually eat but these went really well with the toast. Oddly enough, I was advised to add soy sauce to it and from then on there was no turning back. I was an instant ‘kaya’ believer!

We ordered most of what was on the menu and tried them all. My instant favorites were the Tom Yum toast (which worked wonderfully as a sandwich) and the Kaya Peanut toast.

The Tom Yum Toast – tastes equally as good as the soup!
Cheese Toast with Kaya
French Toast with Kaya
Kaya balls!
for takeaway

Ya kun is the perfect place for a mirienda (pinoy term for afternoon snack) or a really light breakfast. I wanted to take home a jar of kaya but it was not available at the moment. But the staff promised that it will be on their shelves soon. Oh yum!

food bloggers: we click before we eat!
surat journal and toast- perfect combination!
foodies! taken from kenneth’s instagram. with Vam from Vambinas eats, travels and dreams, Beth and Pam of The Foodournalists, Kenneth of Kennethsurat.com and photographer Dennis of denniscreatives.com and his wife Lisa.

Ya Kun Coffee and Toast

Ibn Battuta Mall, China Court
opposite Lime Tree Cafe
w: http://www.yakun.ae
fb: https://www.facebook.com/yakunuae


7 thoughts on “A taste of Singapore in Dubai – Ya Kun Coffee & Toast”

    1. Haha yes! i didnt bring my journal kasi it was some sort of a morning diary that i use. baka maiwan ko and people would read about my secrets… hehhee anyway, yes, we should really plan the next foodtrip and invite more pinoy bloggers.


  1. How wonderful. Now, if I ever make it to Singapore, I will know exactly what to look for. Thank you for writing this post. Very informative, and the addition of photos was inspired. It really took me along on the journey of discovery with you 🙂


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