Hunger averted at Outback Steakhouse, Dubai Mall

The crowd at the dancing fountain, Dubai Mall

Last Friday, we had a late night at church and I didn’t have enough time to prepare something for dinner so we decided to eat out. Dubai Mall was just a few minutes away and as soon as we got there I was reminded why I hate eating out on weekends. The mall was crowded and most of the restaurants had a 30-45 minute waiting time. We had already decided to leave the mall but changed our minds as there was a big buildup of traffic of cars exiting the parking lot. So when we went back in the mall, we headed to the closest restaurant where we parked which just happens to be Outback Steakhouse.

I was really starved. The outlet was located on the 2nd floor near the children’s clothing area, right in front of Hamley’s. It wasn’t overflowing with people probably because it’s location isn’t the prime spot for most restaurants.  As soon as we were seated and handed the menus, we were served their yummy honey bread. And it really was yummy. I was already happy with just that.

We then ordered our drinks. Everyone else had ice tea or water and I wanted a mocktail. They had a fair selection and  I decided on a Strawberry mojito.

love love mocktails!
we couldn’t resist giving Aria a lemon wedge

Ironically, we didn’t order any steak (beef) but instead got their crispy chicken salad, toowoomba pasta, and perfectly grilled salmon.

pretending to be healthy
creamy pasta
supposedly perfect salmon

The winner among the three was the pasta. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce was creamy and had a slight hint of spice. Aria loved it! The salmon was also cooked perfectly, not dry but it lacked the WOW factor for me. The rice was really good though. VERY GOOD. Salad was well, salad!

Overall, our dining experience was good. I would recommend coming back just for the bread… and that pasta… and maybe try out one of their steaks. Hopefully their AC would not be leaking anymore. We were seated right beside a leak, although we weren’t bothered, it is still an inconvenience.

We Filipinos love our group pictures even with dirty empty dishes right in front of us

Out of topic, Frank asked me what the heck I was wearing. I asked him if I looked bad. He said, I looked like I was wearing a shirt with a tube dress layered over it. I said, that is exactly what I was wearing!

Dubai Mall, 2nd floor, infront of Hamleys
T:   +971 4 339 8231
+971 4 339 8486


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