DIY Simple Drop Earrings

I have been making most of my accessories since I can not remember and have accumulated quite a lot of materials. I wanted to share how to make your simple dangling earrings and what basic tools you need.

Putting together your earrings is like putting together lego bricks. You just need the right elements and the right tools. I bought my tools on ebay.

tools: red – long nose, peach/orange-flat nose, purple- round nose, green- flush cutter

There are a lot more other tools you can use but these are the very basic.

more beads and wire elements

I bought most of my materials from the Philippines. But they are also available here in Satwa and in Naif.

Here are the basic elements you can use for a simple drop earring.

You need- Earring hooks, jump rings, flathead pins, beads (i used glass beads for this).

First, we assemble the ‘drop’. We take the flat head pin then inserted the glass bead. I used a metal flower cap to add more details. We closed the pin by making a round shape using the round nose pliers then cut off the excess. Then you just put it together with the hook.

You can add more bead elements to make it longer. Use the pin, remove the head and insert the bead. Make round rings at both ends.

Happy beading!!


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