The one about the Baby proofing

Maaaan, I am a bad parent… I want to blame my husband too so let me rephrase that- WE are bad parents. We haven’t done any baby proofing in our room and Aria has started walking (with a lot of assistance) and standing up, and opening doors and drawers and pulling stuff that she can get her hands on.

I let her crawl on the floor for she has fallen from the bed one time… We both spent a good few hours crying together – me with my guilt and my shame and the pain I want to feel for my daughter and Aria with her shame and embarrassment and I guess pain too… We both had the nicest nap after that. I called my mom right after she fell and when she didn’t pick up, I called my sister in law. She told me that it was normal… Kids fall, ALL THE TIME. She told me her kids fell all of the time too. I thought about my niece and my nephew and tried to think about anything abnormal about them… But I still tried to call my mom. She told me as long as there was no vomiting and no nausea and all that stuff, Aria would be fine. She didn’t have any bumps on her head, so I thought her cries must be more of embarrassment.

When she crawls on the floor she pulls on all the drawers. The other day me and Frank were just talking and we heard something falling and screaming. I saw Aria with the shoe boxes (the Ikea plastic ones) fallen on top of her and I rushed to immediately remove the pile. It wasn’t that heavy, but I was worried that she would have bumped her head on the floor.

happiness from pulling

After that, I thought I really needed to do some baby proofing… so far this is what I have come up with.

masking tape!!!



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