October is like THE month for me… wait, that was when I didn’t have Aria… Well, it still is number one because of so many things, and the number one reason for it being number one is because it’s my birthday!

I am like a kid when it comes to birthdays. I have to have cake. I have to have ice cream. I have to have a special dinner. I have to have steak. Last year, friends threw me a wonderful baby shower and had wonderful lunch with my buddy mitziemee and dinner with my beybies. It is always during october when i make my bucket list. And I just checked and crossed out several items. not all. not even 50%. lol Does that mean I am bad at lists?

This year I plan to dress up with Aria. Matching outfits. Just the two of us. We’d go treat or treating somewhere. Probably my brother’s house. We’ll knock on all the doors and ask them to open it for us. I don’t believe in Halloween. It is also not Filipino culture to celebrate it. Instead they observe All Saints Day on the 1st of November. I don’t observe that either. BUt this year, I’d just like to dress up. I guess being a mom makes me want to start on fun new traditions. I was thinking of doing something like the Where the Wild Things Are. I’d be the Wild thing, Aria would be the kid… what do you think?

Speaking of Halloween activities with your kids, our friends at Caboodle are having month long activities for October- Scary Mask Workshops every Wednesday, Creepy T-Shirt Stamping on Saturdays, Haj and Eid Al Adha Workshops, and not to forget Halloween with trick or treating! It is advisable to call them in advance as the workshops tend to fill up fast.

Caboodle’s facade at the Dubai Mall

Caboodle pamper and play
The Dubai Mall
Galleries Lafayette Parking
2nd Floor
t: +9714 3253367
m: +971558002607


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