Brewed Coffee Obsession

I am not a coffee aficionado. I can only very little distinguish the difference between brewed and instant. I just know I like the slightly bitter taste of brewed coffee. I am guilty that the obsession has mainly sprung from the numerous cafes springing around and my love for Starbucks .

We got a coffee maker as a gift for our wedding but it’s so bulky that we don’t ever get to use it as often as we want. I have seen my blog buddy, Ibyang of the wife’s charmed life use a press of some sort which was easy to store and clean up, so I asked her. She recommended a Bodum Press. And I can never be grateful enough on how much blessings I receive because a friend who works for Al Shaya (the company that manages the Starbucks chain in the Middle East) gave me a Bodum Press as a gift a few weeks later.

My Coffee Collection and my bodum press

Currently, I have three blends that I brew. (is that the correct lingo? LOL) Ofcourse, I have to have a starbucks one which is the Medium Breakfast Blend and to be honest, this was a recommendation from the barista at the cafe. I like that it isn’t that strong. And it really does have that starbucks taste.

My second coffee beans is the Barista blend from Bo’s Coffee of Cebu, Philippines. I have read a lot of good things about them and lately, I have been obsessing about Filipino stuff too. What I love about this blend is that it is a good pick me up especially during the weekends. Slightly fruity (citrusy) and a little stronger than the medium blend.

The one in the middle is my new favorite from the Philippines. It is the Barako blend from Cafe de Lipa. It is a strong blend, a version of the famous Kapeng Barako of the provinces of Batangas and Cavite. Barako is the Filipino term for a male stud, pretty much how masculine and strong this coffee is.

I like my brewed coffee with brown sugar and without milk. Except when I make iced coffee, which I take with lots of low fat or skimmed milk and condensed milk.


Cafe de Lipa’s Barako blend

I have read that it is better to grind the beans right before brewing them. I didn’t have a grinder at home so I opted to have them grounded at the cafe after buying them. I guess it is time to invest in one. 🙂


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