The traveling journal

Eons ago, I had a group of online friends that organized a “hood” (couldn’t say sisterhood coz there were guys involved) of traveling pants of some sort. Instead of pants, we were going to share a journal and everyone had a month to keep the journal and then send it off to the next person in the group. It didn’t take off and everyone just lost touch with one another. It would have been so cool to share experiences that way and who knows where the journal might be now.

My friend Kenneth (who I still have not met in real life but hoping to meet soon) who makes the beautiful surat journals has started a project to bring travel and journaling together. I wished I could travel some time soon, and bring my journal and join the project. But right now I would just share this wonderful project and show how you can be a part of it.

#thetravelingjournalproject. photo from

It’s pretty much bringing your journal when you travel and capturing your experiences with it. You can draw, write, even play tic tac toe with a stranger in it and when you get back send it with someone who is off to someplace so that they could do the same. When they’re done with it, they send it to the next person and so on and so forth. A more elaborate explanation on the entire project is at Kenneth’s blog that you can visit here.

Maybe i don’t have to do the traveling. Maybe I can just send the journal to someone across the world so they can write on it and share. It would still be a traveling journal right?

When I first read about it, I thought it was an awesome idea and here I am, hoping that I’ll be able to take part in the project time soon.

How to get your own Surat Journal:


3 thoughts on “The traveling journal”

  1. Hi Surat, Writing in a journal is like reading a good leather book from the library or a good book store. The smell of paper is enthralling. I recently got a way to Blog via the cellphone and photographs, which uploads in seconds, text the script and voila.. blog done.
    However I won’t be without a journal too!


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