That blue dress

We recently attended an event that required us to dress up according to a color motif (my husband keeps saying color motive). The color was blue with a touch of yellow and I searched high and low for that perfect blue dress (not too casual and not too formal. I found a couple at Debenhams which cost an arm and a leg and the ones I could afford didn’t really look that great on me so I decided to make myself and my little Aria matching dresses.

I bought 3 yards of jersey knit and a yard of chiffon at Satwa and wanted to make a maxi dress. Cotton Jersey knits cost around AED 18 per yard. I made my shrug out of chiffon.

This is what I came up with.

our matching clothes- i look all sweaty coz i was sweating

The dress was just a basic small rectangle for the top (from the top of my bust to the bottom of my bust) and a slightly larger (125% circumference of my hip and length is from the bottomof my bust till my foot) rectangle for the bottom. Made straps after trying the dress on and just marking. I have never stitched with a pattern so I made adjustements as I went along. I gathered the fabric infront to hide my tummy. Added flowers infront.

I made the shrug by folding the fabric in half and cutting a T. I’ll probably make a tutorial sometime in the VERY DISTANT future. 🙂

the whole outfit

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