An unconfessed love for socks

I was half-watching the movie ‘Friends with money’ with Jennifer Aniston and the character i was most interested in was the couple who owned the socks business. I am a big fan of cute and colorful socks. Frank who use to own only black, navy blue and brown socks has now adapted more prints and colors into his foot wardrobe since he married me.

When I was in college our uniform was an awful brown- dark brown pants with light brown short sleeved shirt. We could only wear brown shoes or black shoes so the only item of different color that we could wear on ourselves were our socks- and we went really crazy there.

I came across these socks from happy socks just the other day which made my sock fetish go on overdrive. However, 12 dollars for a pair is just a tad bit too much for me. Maybe someday when I’m a millionaire.

candy crush socks from happy socks.

Here are some of my fave socks from my collection. Please be prepared to see some legs. 🙂

pink and brown stripes
blue and violet stripeys
barney ankle socks
red football socks. They go above the knee. awesome!
yellow football socks

gotta love my socks!


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