Summer afternoons with the bub

It gets so hot in Dubai that it is always tempting to keep the AC on the entire day. However if you do do that, the electricity bill would go up and then you’d end up spending your extra money just to pay the bill. So Aria and I, we hang out in the kitchen- putting on as little clothing as possible without being indecent and drinking ice cold beverages and eating crackers. Yeap, that’s what we do most afternoons before I start cooking dinner until Frank gets home.

its too darn hot ma! i had to lose the shirt!
enjoying my drink… this is not a flattering pic
mama you want a piece of my cracker?
i dont mind sharing especially with you
its soo good!
did i eat it all?
ooh yay! more crackers!

2 thoughts on “Summer afternoons with the bub”

  1. she is so adorable, Rhey … wishing that we can have a share of your sunshine! its been so bleak and rainy the past days, too much rain like Ondoy is haunting us again … great to see you 🙂 — April


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