Girl time with a Triple chocolate cake and Strawberry Slushie

I’ve been posting a lot about my neice the past week and I just have to say it’s all a coincidence. No I had not planned on featuring my niece, as a matter of fact, I had not planned on a lot of things lately. But I am grateful for opportunities that do pop up and I ampraying will pop up some more in the future.

Meanwhile, during our trip to Dubai Mall, Chichi and I decided to have some girl time at Gloria Jeans.

talk about unlearning how to focus your camera!!! getting used to my DSLR after months of not picking it up.

We decided to order a cake and a slushie and went for their triple chocolate for the cake and strawberry for the slush.

Chichi all grown up
said slushie
said cake

Like all typical kids, my niece hates vegetables or anything that has color in it. I had no idea she didn’t like strawberry slushies. I had to force her to try it. And when she did, she was polite enough to say ‘it tastes like it has lots of flavors tita!’ Tita means aunt in Filipino.

The cake was heavenly and reminded me of a black sambo recipe my friend makes.

We talked about art… mostly about drawing ponies and my stash of art materials I never let her use.

i can’t believe this girl is already 8!!




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