Beat the Heat Workshop at Caboodle Pamper and Play

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I think I have already mentioned a dozen of times how much my niece Chichi loves anything related to arts and crafts. So when the opportunity to try out the facilities and join the workshop (painting and arts and crafts) at Caboodle came up, I knew immediately that I had to take her.

Caboodle is a children’s sanctuary in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the retail world of Dubai Mall. Here, kids can opt to get pampered in their salon (even mom’s can be with their kids and get pampered at the same time too), join the numerous activities the facility has planned or just lounge around the play area or the cafe.

The Beat the Heat workshop was being held right at the front and as soon as we registered, my niece was seated at the activity table which was already full of colorful paper and embellishments, paintbrushes, crayons and other stuff perfect for crafting. They started the workshop by making a paper ice cream cone but Gretchen, the hostess who was assisting her, was very accommodating and saw that the paper crafts might be too easy for her. She instead got her a canvass, and let her paint, assisting her with mixing paint colors and applying glitter paint on to her canvass. The other kids who were also in the workshop were busy with their other crafts which included paper flipflops and an aquarium. It was loads of fun. I had the option of leaving her behind to go around the mall but I wanted to stay and see what they’d come up with and I was hoping in my heart that I would get to craft a little?!… and I got to do a little painting her and there. 🙂

with gretchen
with her paper ice cream cone
drawing rainbow dash (that’s Chichi’s hand)
her finished artwork

Included in the workshop fee is access to the play area and as soon as she finished with her painting, Chichi wanted to go and play. The play area was a beautiful, well thought of place, where no shoes were allowed and toddlers were free to crawl on their knees on the floor. There was a playhouse big enough for kids (and small adults) and a pile of floor pillows in one corner where you can sit and play. Along the windows were toys of different kids. Along one wall were racks of costumes that kids can use for dress up. In the middle was another activity table for painting and coloring, and were some of the other kids were doing the same. What I fell in love with was the doll house near the entry and surprisingly, even my niece loved it too. Surely, this was a kid’s playtime heaven!

When we went back to the activity table out front, Chichi had the option to do the last crafting activity which was to make a shirt for herself. She decided to draw a cutie mark (from My little pony which is her current obsession) and write her name.

said cutie mark. image courtesy of

Lastly, she was also given a gelato pop (I almost died of envy) as part of the workshop package. I seriously wanted to ask her if she could give me some, but knowing my niece her saliva was already all over it so I just watched her finish the thing with a smile.

making her choice which was obviously chocolate

Before we left, my niece gave everyone her heartfelt thanks and was telling them that she’d be back the next day which made me laugh. I could tell she had a good time.

Chichi and her really long shorts. I wished they were pants but they were shorts. lol 🙂
with her cutie mark shirt

Caboodle’s Beat the Heat workshop is on every Wednesday for the entire month of August from 3 – 7 PM. I would recommend this for the kids who love making stuff with their hands. They also have an Mini Artist workshop on Saturdays from 3-7 PM for the little artists who love to paint. The workshop fee is AED 75 for two hours which include all materials, access to the play area and a gelato pop.

Caboodle pamper and play
The Dubai Mall
Galleries Lafayette Parking
2nd Floor
t: +9714 3253367
m: +971558002607


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