Trying out a Japanese Bakery in Dubai

I am the kind of person that prefers to have a first hand opinion of everything. I have been hearing about Japanese pastries from my good friend Mitzie’s blog, that when I chanced upon a Japanese Bakery here in Dubai, I wanted to try it out for myself.

image courtesy of cosybites from

Yamanote Atelier is a Japanese Bakery located in the up and coming Wasl Square right next to Safa Park. We were driving from Medcare hospital for Aria’s checkup when I happened to see it and begged my friend to stop the car so I could check it out. As soon as we entered the bakery, I was inlove… with bread. Bread, bread everywhere!

You know that feeling in your stomach when something good is happening to you? I had that when I was inside the bakery and I wanted a bite of everything… but the prices of the buns stopped me from getting a piece of each. And my cheapskate heart had to be content with just a few items to try out.

interiors of yamanote. picture courtesy of Yamanote’s facebook page.

I went immediately for the hello kitty bun and the cafe boon. There were no regrets with those choices. However, I wished I didn’t go for their cheesecake since it wasnt my kind of cheesecake. I like my cheesecake big, creamy but firm. Theirs was small and a bit run down.

As much as I wanted to stay there and enjoy my bread, I had to get my order by take out since me and my daughter were both sick at the time.

cafe boon with a cream cheese filling!n oh delish!
hello kitty bun
strawberry cheesecake

Yamanote Atelier
Unit 16, Wasl Square (Al Wasl Road)
+971 4 388 1811


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