Attack of the Giant Pizza- Russo’s New York Pizzeria at Sahara Center

So I like Pizza… actually that’s an understatement. I LOVE PIZZA-  especially the cheap 2 AED pizza they use to sell at Grammar School’s cafeteria during my elementary days. I blame that small round piece of bread with tomato sauce for this obsession. And my new quest to taste all the pizzas in the UAE I have added to my bucket list.

My mom went to Manila for a vacation mid June and came back by the end of July. After picking her up from the airport, my big bro who also loves Pizza took us to Russo’s in Sahara Center. Actually, we weren’t hungry because we just came from dinner. DH is actually on a quest to lose weight and try to look like Channing Tatum. But when the pizza was served we all squealed in delight at the size and forgot whatever diet we were in or the fact that we were suppose to be full.

I didn’t get the chance to make a list of what flavors we had because I was too overwhelmed. The 27″ diameter pizza was gorgeous to look at and it was divided into four flavors- two of which I believe was Pesto Chicken and Margarita (for the kids). I delved into mine and found the crust not too heavy and not too thin. It was actually perfect. We didn’t get anything else and we didn’t finish the whole thing. Although I was secretly wishing I could have another slice, I stopped myself because everyone else has already stopped eating and I was the only one left with food on my plate.

I am planning another visit but in Jumeirah where they have another branch and closer to my home. I will come prepared and pay more attention to the flavors and not be distracted by the prospect of eating such a big thing.

OH YEAH PIZZA!!! with my mom

Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Sahara Center
Al Ittihad Rd Level 2 new extensions
Sharjah, UAE
+971 6 5752310

Jumeirah Centre
Beach Rd. Jumeirah 1
Dubai, UAE
+971 4 3856549


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