All you can eat sushi deal at Le Gourmet Cafe in Jumeirah

As I have previously shared, I am a number one proponent of good food deals and this has started rubbing off on my DH. So when an all you can eat sushi and sashimi deal came up in Groupon, he immediately told me to snatch one up for four so we can go out with friends.

Le Gourmet Cafe. Picture courtesy of Twoforonego

The deal came with one fresh juice, a bowl of soup (miso of course) and a salad at Le Gourmet Cafe in Jumeirah. I made the booking for a Saturday over the phone since that was the only time we had the evening free. However, the guy on the phone did not give us a definite time and since it was Ramadhan, I made an assumption that the sushi buffet would start at Iftar. However when we got there at 7:30 (with empty stomachs ready to be filled with sushi and sashimi) we were not allowed to go in because they had another iftar buffet going on and was advised to come back at 8:30. It was hot outside and we were hungry but we had to wait so we decided to hang out at the Spinneys a few buildings down and then at the ONE and then at the beach center right across the road. By the time it was 8:30, we were all really hungry and tired from all the walking so I was a bit irritable and impatient when we were seated.

It took a while before they asked us what drinks we wanted. And another while before we were served anything. I wished the service crew were more helpful because as soon as we were seated nobody told us what to do. Most of the all you can eat sushi places I’ve been too were buffets and this one at Le Gourmet was a bit different because they served you the plates. It took 30 minutes before we got the chance to be served the soup and then a few minutes more for the salad. I got a bit bugged so I asked with a tone of annoyance how long the next plate would take and I guess the servers sensed it and they did their best not to delay after that.

As soon as the big platter of sushi and sashimi was served it was gone in seconds. Sashimi was just Tuna and Salmon… actually it was more of tuna which I didnt like much. There was an assortment of rolls I couldn’t name and a bunch of Ebis. I was with three guys, DH included and halfway through the third platter, I was the last one left eating. It is at moments like these when I miss my brothers who would never surrender eating before I say I am done.

Overall the sushi was good, and it made up for the lack of customer service. Would I recommend the sushi? Yes, for that price. But if you want a really great evening, I would advice you to pay a little bit more for a better experience somewhere else.

Le Gourmet Cafe
Jumeirah Beach Road, between TGIF and Spinneys
04 344 4220


2 thoughts on “All you can eat sushi deal at Le Gourmet Cafe in Jumeirah”

  1. I know that feeling; being the last one to finish eating (and not because I’m a slow eater):) The sushi looks great but the service experience a little so-so. You wanna feel appreciated as a customer..


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