Closet dilemma

The place we are moving to does not have built in closets and we need an uber effective storage solution so that I won’t drive my DH nuts with all the crap that I own. When we were surveying the room we were going to be staying in, I told DH that we should put all our existing storage to one side (which includes a h1.6xw1M closet and a stand alone garment rack which I use to use to dry clothes) and just cover with curtains. I was looking around the internet with ideas and came across a bunch of wonderful solutions that I just might try. Thought I would share them with everyone.

David and Im’s “One Space” – Apartment Therapy

I’ll post in the future what I have come up with. DH is leaving the solution in my hands and I am up for the challenge. However, he better not blame me if it doesn’t work out. 🙂


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