Separation Anxiety

We are moving… After three years, we are moving…

It’s hard to part ways with something/some place you are very attached with. Our current studio in Discovery gardens is the first apartment I have ever lived in that was solely ours. This was the apartment I spent the first few years of my married life in and where I got to know DH more. This is where I dealt with the loss of three babies in utero. This is where I took my baby Aria a few days after she was born. This has become my home.

Now it is time to move. To a bigger space? Not necessarily. Our reason for moving is far more important than that and I have no qualms about why we need to move. But I will miss this place. I will miss waking up in this studio apartment with the kitchen just a few steps away. I will miss having the entire house smell like what I was cooking for dinner or what I was baking at the moment or like laundry. I will just miss knowing that I was going home here.

Goodbye to our first home as a family. I will really really miss you.


2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety”

    1. Nope Im still gonna be here. 🙂 You will still get the chance to cook me some Danish food. lol I’ll tell you about the details when we get to meet. I hope this June we will!


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