Jeff de Bruges Naturallement Chocolat

Bon jour!

I always enjoy trying out new things. So when my dad asked my mom if she’d like to try the chocolate shop right across the restaurant we were at, i was the one who immediately said yes.

Jeff de Bruges is actually a belgian brand created by a french guy. I always pass by their shop at Deira city center wondering when I would get the chance to try them out. They sell gourmet chocolate and even ice cream. Im so glad my dad is here! lol

i love this display in their shop. gotta make a poster with these words for my kitchen.

my mom is a chocolate with nuts kind of person so she chose to buy the ones with nuts in them.

my brother wants his chocolate!!
chocolate bear lolipops for kids for AED 25
for the kids

Time for a taste test!
mom gets the cornet
i got the jeff- which is chocolate with old fashioned soft caramel

The texture of the chocolate was just perfect, just like it would melt in your mouth. Although the taste was a bit too sweet and heavy for me, one was enough… for five minutes. 🙂 cant get enough of chocolate!!

my neice gobbled hers within a minute
choco-ooh la la

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