Deep Dish pizza from UNO

Did I mention that my dad was here? 🙂

My dad is here for a visit so our weekends (and sometimes weekdays) are spent mostly with him. Last Saturday we paid a visit to one of our family’s favorite restaurants- UNO. UNO is famous for their deep dish pizzas- chicago style and my mom just loves their calamari. It was my first time to order their bacon cheeseburger pizza and it became an instant favorite coz number one, I LOVE BURGERS (someone should get me a shirt that says just that) and number two- I love cheese.

My dad with Uno chicago deep dish at the background
Chito and Chichi waiting for their pasta
my nephew praying for the food… especially his pasta. these kids love their pasta.
mom’s calamari. not enough on the plate
the ultimate bacon cheeseburger pizza
the UNO Special that is NOT better than the cheeseburger.

I might be a bit biased becoz I freaking love burgers. and cheese. Putting them together deserves a nobel prize for awesomeness.

UNO Chicago Grill
Deira City Centre, Dubai Mall, Mirdiff City Center


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