Iconic USB fobs from Deego toys

Been looking around for good souvenirs for a wedding I’m helping to plan and thought that since everybody was using USB drives, why not use that as a giveaway. My wedding souvenirs were nail-clippers that were keychains. They were green and they were pretty… as pretty as me. (insert evil laugh) I didn’t get to keep one for reasons that I do not why and I wished I did.

The coolest USB fob I ever had and still own is this free one that came along with a purchase of the Sims 3 back in 2009. I thought it was the coolest. I thought I was the coolest by owning one.

geek alert geek alert! image courtesy of thesims3.ea.com.sg

I found ones from deego toys that are noteworthy. These are my favorites.

1,2) noa 3) candy 4) Disco Duro Externo lamb 5) Disco Duro Externo Cow 6) Disco Duro Externo Pig 7) Lis 8) Robot Rojo 9) Hiyori All images courtesy of deegotoys.com

The USB fobs cost AED 95 for 4GB, AED 115 for 8 GB and AED 135 for 16GB at Desado.com. Do you think it’s worth that price? Aren’t thumb drives suppose to be extinct in a year or two?

However, I wouldnt mind if someone would give me one of these for my birthday. Total cuteness!


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