West Elm Pillow Talk Wishlist

Its been a while since I made a wishlist and lately I’ve been staying a lot on the bed because of asthma caused by the changing weather, I am dreaming of pretty pillows surrounding me.

West elm recently opened at Dubai mall and even though I have never been to their store, I am a constant visitor of their online webshop even before they were in Dubai. Here are some of their pillows I wouldn’t mind being sick with…

1) love birds silk pillow cover 2) fiesta floral pillow cover 3) dip dye rainbow silk pillow cover 4) solid velvet pillow cover -can be monogrammed 5) framed sequins pillow cover 6) bloom felt pillow cover
7) paulina reyes silk bird pillow in pink 8) outdoor brights sundial pillow 9) multi zigzag silk pillow cover 10) mitered stripe pillow cover- can be monogrammed 11) embroidered dot pillow cover 12) honeycomb tile silk pillow cover

I have no idea when I will get to visit their shop. If their prices are like crate and barrel or pottery barn I don’t think I’d like to torture myself by going and gawking at the prices, but like the lyrics of one of my favorite songs growing up – “all I gotta do is dreaam, dream dream dream…”


4 thoughts on “West Elm Pillow Talk Wishlist”

  1. Had a bad experience in their Dubai Mall outlet..As the cashier/cust service has no manner as if they just got him from the street. Clueless on what he’s doing but acting like he owns the store. The manager, woman, is even worse, being unhelpful and treats her staff like her property.. Well more like afraid with them and not putting the customer first. I will never come back even if they give the goods for free!


    1. awww… if they gave goods away for free, id be first in line. BUt sucky customer service is really the pits. You should send them an email and maybe they will apologize and try to help you out. Even if you don’t go back, atleast get your story heard.


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