FN Designs Shirts

I am very patriotic at heart. I love home made goods and locally made stuff. One of my favorite shops is Team Manila because of their Filipino graphic prints. Growing up in Dubai, I also love Dubai stuff but the “i love Dubai” shirts available at the local supermarkets are not attractive enough for me. I am hoping to develop a line for Dubai just like what Team Manila did for Filipinos who appreciate good graphic design. But when I came across FN Designs shirts that were sold at the recent Middle East Comic Con, I knew they are going to beat me to it. I love that they are local and that their designs exude a very arabic flair. Traditional but modern.

My First shirt from them would be this. Although I would prefer a green shirt with a white or yellow print. Gotta have this first because of the Burj khalifa background.

I know I have to get one for myself… maybe when I get a job. 🙂

For now, I just have to appreciate from a distance.


FN Design is a Dubai based design company. Still not that familiar with them and I am trying to add them up in Facebook to get some info, but based on these shirt designs, I really think they would click with the younger generation of graphic design lovers.

this print would be awesome on a red shirt

If you wish to order or for more info you can email designstudio.fn@gmail.com

For more info on FN Designs you can check out their facebook page here.


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