Sick mom

When I say “sick”, I am not referring to the sick awesome, sick “out of this world” great… I am referring to “i want to hit my head against the wall migraine” sick and “i just want to sleep” sick. But it’s so hard to be sick when you are taking care of a toddler who depends on you 24/7.

Aria was sick before I was sick. She kept me up at night from crying and her nose was blocked… Those nozzles that help you drain the mucous don’t work and my mom told me I just need to be the ‘mother’ and suck that mucous out with my mouth. And suck I did. It was salty and it wasn’t as disgusting as I imagined it to be… But when you see this smile in the morning when you wake up- having someone else’s mucous in your mouth seems all worth it.

sleeping aria- with some dried up saliva in her mouth. 

So maybe that got me sick… her germs gave me the sniffles and all I wanted to do all day was sleep. The house remained unkempt, laundry and ironing piled up and food had to have soup (or what we Filipino’s call sabaw) for a week. It’s really hard to be sick with a baby. You just can’t ignore and pray that she manage to take care of herself. You still need to change her nappy, give her a bath, breast feed, entertain… Although I manage 10 minutes of flopping her up in front of the TV and putting on an episode of Veggie tales. by the time Larry wants to sing his silly song, Aria wants me to put her down for a nap… And my migraine would not go and my nose was unstoppable until one evening when DH got home and offered to hold the bub, I collapsed onto the bed and never woke up till the next day. I have faint memories of breastfeeding that night but nothing clear. And I felt better after that night.


I would just like to thank April of for nominating me for a “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award“. Here is the post for the nomination and I promise that I will pay it forward soon. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Sick mom”

  1. hi Rhey, i hope you are feeling super better today … and Aria as well. i remember my dad telling me that he did the same thing for my baby sister years ago when she was turning blue because of her congested nose. i guess, as parents, nothing will stop us from doing anything for the sake of our children, gross or not 😉

    take care and praying for your complete recovery — April


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