Ohh honey when I die!!!

One of the bands I grew up listening to was Eraserheads and they played in Dubai last Thursday. Didn’t get to watch because it was on a Thursday and I have priorities so I did not even try to make my schedule work. One of my all time fave songs was Poorman’s grave which speaks about the death of a poorman. I really think Ely (or whoever wrote the song) was a really good lyricist and because of their recent concert, their music has been in my head (and on the radio) the past few weeks.

You can listen to it if you want to here. They don’t have an official music video, or it’s just not available online. This is also one of the songs I still know how to play the guitar riffs to.

Oh honey when I die
Dress me up in a coat and tie
Give my feet a pair of shoes
That I haven’t wore in a long time
Put me in a golden box
Not across on a pile of rocks
Bury me where the grass is green
And the gates are shining…
Oh honey when I die
Give me a bed of roses
Where I could lie
I’m gonna use up all the money that I saved’
Coz I dont wanna lie in a poor man’s grave

Just reminiscing…


9 thoughts on “Ohh honey when I die!!!”

      1. Man, they already had a reunion concert a few years back. In MOA. They just couldn’t keep their word that they’re done playing. Not that I don’t want them back, but if they say that they’ll retire, then they should stick to it. My golly. They’re like Van Halen.


    1. They are a Filipino band that hit mainstream in the 90s so I doubt that you ever got the chance to hear them. Yeah they have witty lyrics and always fun to listen to.


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