Father and daughter

DH deserves Aria’s adoration

Since Aria was born, we have never not even once bought her any piece of clothing. Most of her stuff were gifts during my baby shower and hand me downs from her cousin who is 3 months older than her. I don’t have problems with hand me downs because babies grow up really fast anyway, and I like free stuff. (insert big fat grin here) However, most of my daughter’s onesies have “i love mommy” written on it even the ones from her cousin so when we stumbled upon some “team daddy” onesies, I knew I had to go and buy them.

Aria is very much attached to me because we spend 24 hours stuck to one another. Although she sleeps in her crib, she spends most of her waking time beside me and DH gets jealous when he’s trying to bond with her and all she’s looking at is my beautiful face… yes you read that right- my beautiful face.

Last Thursday, when DH got home a little early and started spending time with the bub, I whipped out my camera and took pictures.

aria: mama!
aria: papa wants to snuggle
laughing with her dad

yeah… those are socks on her hands…

really liked this shot
papa!! stop playing candy crush!

I post process most of my photos in Adobe Lightroom. I really like this preset that I started adding to my photos. It is called Color Creative- Color CP 2.


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