Abu Dhabi is beginning to feel like my second home

and that means Dubai is my first home. 🙂

I have found myself visiting the emirate (which is an hour and a half drive from my place) more often in the past few weeks. First reason is that I won those dreamy cupcakes which I related to here– nothing stopped me from picking them up. Second, we found out that Aria can get free vaccinations in Abu Dhabi because we have an Abu Dhabi visa. Third, because of choir practice for an upcoming concert.

Abu Dhabi is not as glamorous as Dubai but I believe it is on its way to being a prominent city just like the latter, with the world’s fastest roller coaster (you just have to blink and its over) in Ferrari world, to the biggest Ikea (in the Middle east?) in Yas island.

There is this green mosque and market place that we always pass by on the way to the city proper that  doesn’t seem like the right shade of green. I mean i like green, but this isn’t the right shade.

DH and I were “youtubing” the other day, looking for shows from National Geographic that are available there (we don’t have cable so youtube compensates for that) and we found that the mentos building was featured in our favorite show – megastructure series. Honestly I do not know why some people I know call it the mentos building. Mentos is suppose to be the “mint with a hole” and this has no hole. (update: my brother corrected me that it was POLO that had the hole in it… lol! all these candy’s jumbled up in my mind because of candy crush) Anyhoo, we thought it was cool since we always pass by this building and I often wonder how it would feel to work in a round building. I can imagine everything inside is also round… doors, tables, windows, chairs… but I know that’s not really how it is.

So the next time we passed by, we went all touristy and took pictures with Aria.

We also went to look for the new burger bureau in Al Wahda mall because we had a voucher for a free burger (me and my free stuff) only to find out that the voucher was already expired… lol.

free burger… NOT!

Aria seems to enjoy the trip though. She’s becoming the happy “long drive passenger” falling asleep most of the drive and when she’s asleep and not cranky, I am happy. 🙂

aria and papa

2 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi is beginning to feel like my second home”

    1. You know what? My brother corrected me and told me it was polo that was the mint with the hole! Hehehehe I got it all mixed up!
      No we didn’t get any burgers. Frank wanted Popeyes. He was inthe mood for their fried chicken and biscuit.


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