“Will you be my bridesmaid” card

I think I already shared a few posts back that I am helping a friend of mine organize her wedding. Though I am not the official organizer (and I don’t want to be), I love helping out with wedding planning. Makes me want to get married again.

I volunteered to help out with all the craft stuff (cards, invites, etc) and we started with the bridesmaid cards. The bride wanted to make a watercolor card with the words “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on it and found this tutorial from glamour and grace.

from glamour and grace blog

I found it hard to mask the words though and I couldn’t find any wax based color pencil. Using a crayon made it look like a 12 year old did it so I opted to just ink the words in because we were running out of time.

Here is what we ended up with.

the final card
mass production mode
the engaged couple

My friends worked on the watercoloring and I had to do the lettering.

bubble tea and custard filled fishshaped cake from sharetea

Everytime I help people out, I am always rewarded with food. Sometimes, I help people out just so I get rewarded with food… no not really, I just love helping.


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