Gotta love Dubai

Found this photo making the rounds in Facebook.

the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, casually having a lunch at Bikers Cafe in Dubai

In the Philippines, most politicians are divas with a truckload of an entourage following them and making sure that they are safe, comfortable, happy, noticed?… It is something really to be proud of when the ruler of Dubai can just have lunch somewhere with a handful of staff with him. Is it because Dubai is more secure? or is the Sheikh just confident enough that no haters will come and ruin his day? We’ll never know but it sure is nice to see the ruler being a normal person… 

I have never seen the Sheikh walking around personally. Some of my friends though have seen him walking around Dubai Mall with the same handful of staff accompanying him while he goes shopping. There’s also a photo of him riding the metro with the rest of the common folk that is going around social networking sites. It is possible that that metro thing is staged but I think he was standing up. I mean, if the ruler of Dubai walks into the metro you are in, you’d give up your seat right? Or maybe the people were just dumbfounded all they could do was stare…

If I do bump into him, I would like that we cross paths at the fish market while I’m haggling with those fish dudes. 


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