a dozen cupcakes from maison sucre


It took me less than a week to finish a dozen cupcakes even if I was sharing with my husband. Well, I hogged most of it and shared only 5 out of 12 with DH. Having a dozen cupcakes to myself is a dream come true so I was a bit selfish the entire week.

Maison Sucre- cupcakes, macaroons, pies, mini desserts, yummy drinks, celebration cakes and more

What was I doing with a dozen cupcakes you may ask? I actually won a competition on maison sucre‘s facebook page. I don’t really win anything on facebook but I still join competitions just in case. Anyway, if I did win anything I really prefer that it was a dozen cupcakes! Imagine my delight when my friend told me!

Maison Sucre is french for Sugar house. Food terms are pretty much all I remember from 3 years of learning french, aside from bonjour, bonsoir, bon voyage, merci beacoup, ou allon nous?, comme ca va? je suis bien, je n’habite dubai… ooh i still remember a lot. hehehe

the bakery along Khalidya Street

The bakery was located in AUH and DH and I made plans to drive down for a visit. It has been a while since I went to Abu Dhabi. The last time I was there was before I got pregnant which is more than a year ago…

The trip was long but I was willing to go through mountains for a dozen free cupcakes! 🙂

It was a small shop along Khalidya street which was hard to find since the Al Manara Jewellery signage was unavailable and that was what we were looking for. It was also behind the building so it wasn’t visible on the roads. It took me two calls to their shop for help in finding the place before we got there. Fortunately, Aria was very cooperative and didn’t make much of a fuss. The decor was inviting but there wasn’t any place for sitting. I love shops with lots of pretty things and Maison Sucre’s had the pretty things I liked not to mention a haven for my very sweet tooth.

The guy from behind the counter asked me what I wanted and I had no idea what to say. I just said, one of everything so I could make up my mind which one I liked the most.

I decided to try the red velvet cupcake first since it is my favorite and it was just calling out to me and my first bite didn’t disappoint. What disappointed me was that I had to share it with DH. lol My husband who does not care much about sweet things became an instant fan.

sharing my red velvet

Anyway, all of Maison Sucre’s cupcake flavors were a delight. What I liked most is their buttercream icing that was just the right amount of sweet. It was soft and fluffy and perfect. Their sponge was a bit dry, although I’ve tasted dryer cupcakes, it could have used a little bit more moisture. Overall, the combination was a winner and I seriously took care not to eat most of it with the husband around so that I didn’t have to share. lol

Maison Sucre
a: Khalidiyah (al manara jewelry building), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
t: 02 639 6622
w: http://www.maisonsucreuae.com/


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