Traffic jam in my head and a Filipina maid

I was just reading through my google reader (800 + articles unread) and found myself relating to dubaisally’s latest post. If you are not familar with this page, it is about a Filipina maid in Dubai who blogs. It became so popular that the media tried to get a hold of sally and it was later revealed that the writer is actually not a maid. However, the posts are written in such a way that you can imagine her accent if she was real. It’s funny that my Danish friend, mitziemee,  is the one who told me to look for this blog. Just goes to show how out of touch I am with the Filipino circle in Dubai.

Anyway, like Sally, I have a traffic jam in my head, and I blame it on my little  booger who likes to cry and snuggle 24/7 close to her mama.


2 thoughts on “Traffic jam in my head and a Filipina maid”

  1. Wow, you found the blog?:):) Poul and I had Filipino food in Karama a couple of days ago. I have no idea about what we ate, but it was really tasty. Maybe you would join me for dinner next time I’m in Dubai? I could use a little guidance on Filipino food:)


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