Elevation Burger- a new fave

Before I begin, I just had to mention that it took me 5 minutes to think of a good title for this review and this is the only line I could come up with.
I love burgers. Burgers are essential to my being and if I don’t have one atleast once a month, I think I would die. I also made it my mission to test out all burger joints in the city.

Aria out and about in SZR. it was quite a chilly night.

Aria turned 3 months last Tuesday so we decided to celebrate the first quarter of her first year of life by eating at Elevation Burger. We’ve been passing by the place almost every day but had no plans of visiting. However, we decided to go when one of my very good childhood friends BBmed (blackberry messaged) me their promo regarding their vertigo burger.
It reminded me so much of my fave show- man vs food, I knew I had to take the challenge.

pic courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/ElevationBurgerUAE

Parking might be a problem as is usual to most of the joints around Shk Zayed, but the trip (and hassle of getting a spot) is worth it as we were treated to the wonders of organic meat of Elevation burger. I did not go for the challenge coz I wanted to savor each and every bite of the food. I ended up ordering the Elevation Burger while DH went for their cheeseburger. I love that you get to customize the toppings and I love the caramelized onions. So our fries (which seriously showed that they were from fresh potatoes because some still had the skins onthem), and our burgers were all treated with caramelized onions. I also ordered a strawberry with cheesecake shake (or something like that).

Elevation Burger along SZR
head towards the light
Elevation Burger’s motto

I remember when I was a kid and slambooks were the in thing, there’s always this part where we have to give our motto in life. Mine was ‘try and try until you succeed’. Elevation Burger’s motto plastered on the wall reminded me of those simpler times.

Ingredients do matter to them since their meat is organic and comes from free range, grass fed cow meat. Their fries are made from fresh potatoes fried in olive oil. They also offer a vegetarian burger for all those vegans and diet conscious people out there.

DH and his refillable soda drink
my milk shake with a spoon
ingredients matter
our fries with cheese and caramelized onions
that beautiful hunk of meat!

As soon as I sunk my teeth into that patty, I did not stop eating until it was over. It was heavy, and the meat tasted fresh… you can always tell the difference between fresh and frozen and Elevation burger passed with flying colors. Their fries were amazing. DH does not like soggy fries but even if theirs was soft, it compensated with the texture of real potatoes and ,yet again, freshness.

When it comes to price range, their burgers cost around AED 20-48 so it’s not in the cheap side. However, it is a very good splurge for your once-a-month-i-just-got-my-salary-let’s-dine-out binge. I would have to say Elevation Burger falls into my top 3 burger faves.

Elevation burger
fb: https://www.facebook.com/ElevationBurgerUAE
a: >Latifa Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
t: 04 388 0000


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