Handwritten posters with song lyrics

I’ve been obsessing about hand lettering and typography lately and have been cyber stalking Sean Wes‘ work for the past few weeks. I’ve been working on a few of my own and been posting on instagram (if you want, you can follow me on instagram: rheyinthehouse).

My best buddy who lives in Florida asked me to make one for her with the lyrics to her wedding song. I thought I’d do one for myself too.

My wedding song was Anyone at all by Carole King. One of my favorite movies in college was You’ve got mail and this was on the soundtrack. I decided to use the lyrics from the chorus.

 photo handwriting-4_zps4b311cfe.jpg
I was looking for Micron pens in Dubai but couldn’t find a vendor that sells it. So I settled with these water and fade proof pigment ink felt tip pens from uni.
filling in the letters
the final product

Thought I’d sell some on souq.com. Do you have any recommendations which songs I should make?




6 thoughts on “Handwritten posters with song lyrics”

      1. But not sure that anyone would actually put it on their walls…it’s lots of “b*tch please” etc….
        Personally I think I prefer Jay-Z’s lyrics in my earphones:)


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