Decorative Letter DIY

I have always wanted to have decorative letters/words on my walls. I’ve seen this decoration going around pinterest lately and when Elsie finally posted a tutorial on  I knew my tutorial was long overdue.

I decided to make a letter A for Aria to add to her ever growing presence in our little studio. Unlike‘s version, I wanted something more permanent, but equally easy.

I used foam board, felt for backing (you can use scrap flannel or wadding or nothing at all), scrap fabric and a staple gun.

extra scrap of foam board leftover from the wreath project

Choose the font you would like to use. I just made a random serif font. But if you want to be more precise, you can print out your letter from the computer. Trace it out on to your foam board and cut it out.

Once cut, it is now time to “upholster” your letter. I used felt as an initial layer to have a bit of foam. I secured the felt using a staple gun. Then I covered the letter with the fabric using the same method.

Here is the ugly view from the back.
A is for love

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