Our Engagement photos part 1 (JBR and Dubai Marina)

One of the first things we did once we got engaged was to get our engagement photos taken. DH wasn’t a big fan of dressing up and getting his picture taken and he has told me numerous times that he was only agreeing to the session because I wanted it. A friend of ours volunteered to take our photos and he didn’t charge us much. The downside of getting our photographer dirt cheap was that there really was not much of a commitment. We didn’t get our photos immediately after the wedding and I did not get any printed. The worst thing was he only sent me soft copies via hard drive and that hard drive crashed along with all the digital memories of my wedding.

So my advice to anybody getting married on a budget is do not hold back on a photographer. A professional works on schedule. And if you lose your photos, they always have a backup.

However, I did enjoy the prenuptial shots. We had our photos taken at four different venues. The first one was at Jumeirah Beach Residences. You have to be careful about professional photography at this area though. Apparently, it is prohibited to take pictures there. I actually fought with a guard when he told us to stop (the bridezilla in me came out). It was a pity because I liked the ambience of JBR very much, but we did get a few shots on the beach and in some areas.

Here are a few shots that I manage to salvage from my facebook profile. The resolution is not that great though.

Nearby is Dubai Marina, where there are a lot of interesting architecture elements that offers different textures.

We also ended up snacking at a McDonalds near the Jumeirah beach.


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